Safe School Plan

Precious Cargo Academy (PCA) has been a fixture on the corner of Crayton Rd. and Seagate Dr. for over 15 years. As the years have passed by, the name has been altered and the ownership has changed, but the level of quality education has not. The consistency of high standards, in addition to great expectations from the community, has led the child care center to become an Accredited Professional Preschool Learning Environment. We are therefore recognized as a Florida Gold Seal approved center. PCA is situated on the property of the Naples United Church of Christ and is considered a mission of the church. This membership is attentive to the needs of the families and the facility. The academy's daily schedule and activities are based on the Creative Curriculum, a curriculum that is research based and recommended by our monitoring agency. This curriculum encourages creative learning in every aspect of play such as building with blocks, art, science and housekeeping to name a few. Our accrediting agency emphasizes the importance of literacy in the daily schedule; the combination of curriculums makes for a fun filled and stimulating learning environment. Our developmental goals of social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language for every child are easily obtainable with such a winning combination. Many of our qualified and certified teachers have been with PCA for 5-10 years. They have obtained their child development credential, or a bachelor's degree, and continue their training by attending workshops offered through our local resource and referral agency. We are very proud of their individual accomplishments and their daily contribution to the growth and development of our children as a team. Please explore our website to learn more about our extensive and engaging curriculum, discover more about our staff, browse a newsletter and photos, and learn more about our exciting programs. My goal is to seek a partnership with families; my door is always open and I welcome visitors, be it to answer questions or share stories together. Warm Regards, Leanne Badham, Director

Letter from the Director
Nut Aware Campus

Precious Cargo Academy
Safe School Plan
Safe, healthy environment for little ones to learn and grow. Security and confidence for families.

Health and Safety: Our Number One Goal

Health Standards:
Precious Cargo Academy not only strives to provide a quality education, but also values the importance of a sanitary and safe environment. We maintain the highest standards for safety, security, and cleanliness throughout our entire center. Our Health and Safety practices are reviewed frequently, and discussed as a staff monthly, to ensure that we enforce daily the rigorous standards set forth. Below, you will see just an outline of the essential things we do to protect your child.

Precious Cargo Academy has a service contract with a full time cleaning company. The cleaners enter the school after hours, Monday-Friday, and maintain the floors, walls, counters, dust, windows, baseboards, trash removal, bathrooms, and all heavy-duty industrial cleaning that needs to happen. Additionally, any classroom rugs/carpets are cleaned on a regular scheduled basis. The outside courtyards are pressure washed on a regular basis, and the playground landscaping is maintained weekly.
In every classroom, for all age groups, teachers follow strict standards, and complete daily cleaning checklists to maintain the cleanliness of the room. This includes the daily disinfecting and cleaning of: classroom toys, tables, chairs, diaper changers, cribs, mattresses, mats, equipment, and soft furnishings including puppets, blankets, dress up clothes, etc. Also, the washing and disinfecting of hands, for both students and staff, happens regularly throughout the day: before and after eating, after diapering/toileting, after outdoor play, before and after sand/water play, before and after art, etc.

Food Handling:
At Precious Cargo Academy we maintain detailed procedures for handling, storing, and preparing food. For our infants, safe bottle-warming procedures are maintained at all times. In each classroom copies of allergy lists, and dietary restriction lists are posted. Allergy signs are also posted on all classroom doors informing parents and visitors of any allergies in that classroom. All employees at Precious Cargo Academy have taken a training course in food allergies. Precious Cargo Academy is a peanut and tree nut free school.

Additional Health Procedures:
Precious Cargo has a separate designated sick space for children who may fall ill while at school. This ensures the ill child’s comfort and care, while reducing the risk of spreading the illness to other children in the classroom.
Employees at Precious Cargo Academy participate in safe medication administration training. Only the Director or Curriculum Specialists may administer medication to a child. Medications are locked up and stored outside of the classroom, with the exception of diaper creams.
Every afternoon a temperature and weather check is conducted by the office to inform teachers if it is safe to bring children outside, and if there is a need to alter their time outside.
We ensure frequent hydration, including children drinking water prior, during, and after outdoor play.
All employees have completed training in asthma and caring for students with asthma.
In order to further maintain the health of children, our students aged one year and older, engage in brushing their teeth after lunch daily.

Controlled Access to our School:
Main Entrance Security System:

There are only two main access doors into our facility. Both of these doors, and our main entrance gate, are protected by access codes. Visitors must ring the bell, which is attached to a video monitoring system, to be allowed into the center. The access camera is located in the Administrations office and a member of Precious Cargo Academy Administration is always available in the office to greet parents and visitors who seek to gain entry into our school. All visitors must sign in and provide the appropriate identification. Visitors are escorted by the Director, or Office Manager.

Security Cameras:
The entire campus, including: classrooms, playgrounds, hallways, parking lot, courtyards, etc are monitored with security cameras. This video is live streaming in the main office at all times. Footage is stored for 90 days, and then backed up and archived.

Daily Sign In:
Each student is signed in and out daily by parents. Attendance is taken throughout the day by the classroom teacher. The office reviews attendance in each classroom twice daily. Children are released only to individuals listed as authorized pick up on the enrollment application.

All employees at Precious Cargo Academy are trained in first aid, and CPR.
Every employee at Precious Cargo Academy has received a local, state, and federal background check.

Each age group has a separate outdoor play space. There are a total of three outdoor playgrounds at Precious Cargo Academy. These include a playground for infants through 18 months, a playground for toddlers aged 18 to 30 months, and a playground for 3 to 5 year olds.
Schedules are staggered throughout the day to ensure that individual age groups have their own independent time outside.
We see our playgrounds as an extension to our curriculum. They are areas for children to play, explore, expand skills, and stay active. Each playground is specifically designed with the age group in mind, and uses only the safest, state of the art equipment.
Supervision is critical and staffs are trained regularly. Our teachers spend outdoor time engaged and hands on with the students. Through involvement and participation teachers not only ensure the constant supervision of the children, but also model safe and appropriate use of equipment.
Playground inspections are done daily by the classroom teachers. Additionally, weekly checks by the administration ensure that there is never broken equipment, tripping hazards, loose fencing, unlocked gates or other potential problems.

Milk Policy:

Precious Cargo Academy strives to ensure the health and nutrition of our students. As an accredited program, we work to meet a higher level of standards and quality. It is our priority to make sure the students in our care receive a balanced, nutritious meal that aligns with the USDA Food Pyramid. Per our Parent Handbook, parents are required to provide milk with their child's lunch.

Our school

Precious Cargo Academy is a peanut free center. Any peanut or tree nut products packed will be sent home. There are many alternatives products on the market that the children love. Foods for parties and holidays must be approved by the office prior to the event. This is a life threatening allergy to some of our children, and teachers will not accept any food in the classroom without the approval from the administration.

Precious Cargo Academy embraces the concept that early childhood education is where the future begins for a child, a family, a community and a nation. We are an exceptional preschool that provides a safe, healthy environment with a stimulating early childhood educational curriculum for infants, toddlers and pre-Kindergarten children under the guidance of nurturing, caring and knowledgeable staff.​