Zumba and Spanish

Field Trips

Precious Cargo Academy embraces the concept that early childhood education is where the future begins for a child, a family, a community and a nation. We are an exceptional preschool that provides a safe, healthy environment with a stimulating early childhood educational curriculum for infants, toddlers and pre-Kindergarten children under the guidance of nurturing, caring and knowledgeable staff.​​

She gets the children moving in a fun and exciting way. Mrs. Allie visits each room once a week for a 30 minute Zumba session, getting the children and moving. Mrs. Allie also teachers our Spanish lessons, visiting all the classrooms once a week for a 30 minute Spanish lesson. Mrs. Allie teaches the children Spanish through song, dance, flashcards, and interactive books.

Our on campus library is home to over 3500 books, varying in topic and age range. Each classroom has a scheduled visit to the library where they may "check out" books using our interactive software. Each classroom visits the library once a week, playing with puppies, reading in our cozy corner, listening to books on CD, and enjoying the special atmosphere that teachers and students enjoy. 

Mrs. Allie is our certified Zumba children's instructor and spanish teacher. She visits each classroom from our Seahorses room and up! 

On Campus Library

Extracurricular Activities


Each week our older preschool children meet with the Director of Children's Ministry, Ms. Merrill Williams Noble, for chapel time.  This affirms and nurtures their spiritual development. This interactive time includes music, drama, dancing and storytelling. Parents are welcome to participate.

Zumba Classes, Spanish,  Baby Sign Language, S.T.E.A.M. Laboratory, On Campus Library, Music Lessons, Soccer, Dance

We also offer Dance and Yoga taught by a certified children's instructor on Wednesdays at 3 PM. Soccer from Kick'N Kids Sports every Monday 3PM-4PM. As well as individual private piano lessons on Tuesday's and Thursday's. All of these classes are offered with an additional fee. 

Being in the Manatees, Sharks, and Sea Lions classroom means the children will have the opportunity to go on off-site field trips. In order for the children to attend these events, parents must fill out a Field Trip Permission Slip prior to departing for the intended destination. Teachers will hand these out as the field trips are scheduled. PCA has both walking field trips, and field trips that require the students to be transported to and from the school on one of Collier County’s public school buses. Due to the cost of the rental of a school bus, the admission into the destinations, and the purchase of lunch for most of these trips, parents will be asked to pay a fee prior to the trip. The average cost of a field trip is $12-$15. Parents may pay prior to the trip, or may make one lump payment at enrollment to cover the cost of all field trips for that school year. The total for the school year is $75. A list of field trip dates will be handed out during the first week of the new school year. To ensure our student’s safety during field trips, each child must purchase their own PCA shirt that is to be worn on all field trips, walking or riding the bus. The total cost of the shirt is $9 and is due at the time of enrollment. We also ask for parent chaperones to join us on all field trips. Sign up sheets will be posted in the classrooms. Here is a list of upcoming field trips for 2017-2018

Barnes and Noble Story Time

Naples Zoo

C'MON Children's Museum

Conservancy of SWFL

Naples Artis

Botanical Gardens