Our Philosophy


Precious Cargo Academy sees early childhood education as the foundation to lifelong learning. Now is the time to create positive experiences with school, teachers, peers, and a learning environment. PCA strives to establish opportunities for play, cognitive development, laughter, and promoting social-emotional growth. Through our extensive research and adoption of the Creative Curriculum, we have afforded our teachers and children the right balance of skills, intellect, and global awareness. It is through our professional and dedicated staff that our philosophy comes to life in the classroom. Teachers are supported by an administration that is passionate about education, and always available to offer support, encouragement and assistance. Our educational program is based on the Creative Curriculum, which is a research based curriculum designed specifically to meet the educational, developmental, social, emotional and physical needs of the children attending Precious Cargo Academy. Every classroom, regardless of age, contains multiple learning centers for a large variety of ways to learn. The centers include Dramatic Play, Manipulatives, Art, Science, Library, Sensory Tables, and many more. These centers are designed to increase vocabulary, introduce new ideas, increase interest in literacy, encourage creativity, build self-confidence, and develop recognition of letters, numbers, sounds, shapes, and colors. Highlights of our balanced curriculum include: Spalding Phonics, Dolch Sight Words, STEM Mathematics Integration, Kindergarten Readiness, Common Core State Standards, and comprehensive assessment tools to keep parents involved, and aware of their child's Science, Technology, Engineering, growth and achievement.

Precious Cargo Academy embraces the concept that early childhood education is where the future begins for a child, a family, a community and a nation. We are an exceptional preschool that provides a safe, healthy environment with a stimulating early childhood educational curriculum for infants, toddlers and pre-Kindergarten children under the guidance of nurturing, caring and knowledgeable staff.​

        Precious Cargo Academy provides a Christian atmosphere where all children are encouraged to be part of a caring and nurturing early childhood education experience.
        Precious Cargo emphasizes a positive and creative environment that is designed to help our children develop a secure sense of self while encouraging respect and cooperation with one another. Positive interpersonal relationships between our staff and children help foster the individual's unique gifts and talent. Children who see  themselves as highly valued are more likely to feel secure, thrive physically, get along with others, and ultimately be well-adjusted and happy children.
        Precious Cargo Academy  encourage meaningful bonds with our families so that together we can ensure the developmental growth and potential of each child throughout their formative years.
        Precious Cargo prides itself in adopting and successfully implementing an outstanding early childhood creative curriculum. Though developmentally appropriate instructional goals and objectives, our children are provided opportunities for cognition, language acquisition, and social, emotional as well as physical educational opportunities.
         Precious Cargo Academy embraces early childhood education as a joyous, creative journey in which each child is valued and respected a secure, caring and educationally nurturing environment. Precious Cargo believes that early childhood education is where the future begins for a child, a family, a community, and a nation.